Have you ever thought about what is the life expectancy of our existing knowledge and skills? There is no precise answer, but one thing is certain - our knowledge and skills become obsolete at high speed! If by time we do not become better, by the time knowledge will certanly become worse. Continuous learning and training is the minimum requirement for success in the business at any organizational level.

In response to your specific needs, our experts from country and abroad, together with your management will work on the design and implementation of those educational programs that will contribute to increase of overall company's intellectual capital.In order to realize your needs, we use modern technology based on the latest models of business consulting and training, by using a specific research-based tools. Interactive trainings and workshops, we create according to your needs and requirements, by using the method of active learning through case studies.

Education and training programs are aimed at:

- strategic and operational planning in mining and ecology;

- management of mining and environmental projects;

- management of mining and environmental risks;

- organization and systems of surface and underground mining;

- organization and systems of equipment maintenance;

- management of mining waste;

- remediation and reclamation of surface mines and landfills;

- remediation and reclamation of mining landfills and other waste;

- remediation and mine closure;

- series of ISO 9000, 14000, 18000, 27000 and 50000 standards;

- eenergy efficiency.




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