• Yugoslavian Committee for Opencast Mining is voluntary association of engineers for opencast mining and experts of other specialties who work in opencast mining organizations.
  • Yugoslavian committee for opencast mining is non-political organization, open for cooperation with other social organizations on professional questions related to open pit mining or problems of interest to other members of open pit mining community, based on mutual consideration and respect for autonomy in operation.
  • Yugoslav committee for opencast mining is doing services of engineering, planning, surveying and mapping of terrain, examination of construction materials and terrain, quality control and quantity of goods, data processing.
  • Yugoslav committee for opencast mining organize and service professional, scientific, research and marketing workshops and manifestations, it also does services of consulting .
  • Yugoslav committee for opencast mining hold out research-development services, economic, organizational
    and technological services, upon this, services of publishing, advertising and economic propaganda.
  • Yugoslav committee for opencast mining organizes all forms of knowledge innovations, seminars, presentations and expert lecturing, fairs and exhibits.




Telephone: +381 (63) 385 - 235;
E-mail: office@jukom.org.rs


Kneza Miloša 7, Beograd;