• that it’s actions and activities, proposals and intercession, on it’s own or in cooperation, create or influences the creation of conditions in which creativity, professional knowledge, entrepreneurship and engineering work in open pit mining of raw substances will be adequately valued, based on shown knowledge and results,
  • based on adequate forms of permanent education, trough courses, seminars and other forms of activities, gathers engineers and in that way contributes to the acknowledgement of new knowledge and skills that is generated trough science and practical work in the country and abroad,
  • to organize scientific and professional workshops, through which it will present scientific, technological and modern practice achievements in open pit mining and related sciences and professions, to evaluate achieved results or verify started ideas or proceedings; to exchange professional thoughts and proposals; to give experts opinions or approvals by self initiative or on demand of other organizations,
  • to organize information and publishing actions which is in the interest of members or the organization, and in regard to that gives announcements, publishes newsletters, scientific and professional magazines, books of proceedings and similar publications,
  • to organize presentations, exhibits and similar with the goal of introduction and application of modern technique and technology with the purpose of increasing working productivity, saving and rational use of energy, environmental protection and application of new equipment and materials,
  • to give judgment to the proposals for elections in scientific titles, propose the members for other social acknowledgments, cooperate in professional exams and etc.,
  • to serve and protect the interests and rights of its members, profession, science and activities in area of open pit mining, in country and abroad, by their own will or on demand ,
  • to achieve international cooperation with related organizations or other institutions, when it's of interest for membership, science and activities in area of open pit mining, based on principles and interests of our country especially with World Mining Congress, World Geological Congress and World Energy Council,
  • to initiate and realize other jobs and actions which are in accordance with the Statue of the Committee.



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